Essay On The Effects Of Media Bias In Law Enforcement

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Historical research on the topic of the effects of media bias in law enforcement demonstrates that media outlets will air what the public wants to see to improve their ratings. Guarino (2015) argues that media outlets should help show the public the dangers police officers face everyday. Some police departments are starting to make websites that publish their own accurate reports of incidents involved with police officers instead of having media outlets release false information. Police departments are offering access to the public to view websites so police departments can help ease the tension among the public and Police Officers.

Police departments also struggle with social media and keeping a positive image on websites. Police departments
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Korablev also found that in order to keep the media from distorting high profile cases, a useful approach is to have officers be able to detect citizens with emotional problems. Another study found that African Americans feel that race has played a role in their traffic stop. One way to prevent this thought was to teach officers to treat every person with respect and to act in a professional manor. In order to have officers act this way, more training can be done at the academy to have officers interact with different types of people. A final step to improve the public’s image is to use social media to the departments benefit. One way to use social media for police department advantages is by not having a higher presence of police officers in the areas where a high profile cases occurred instead they should release information for the public. Not all media outlets air videos that the public wants to see; most will air the videos to improve their ratings (Simmons, 2001). In order to improve the public opinion of police officers, the departments should allow the public to view the information they want after all cases have been closed. Departments also need to adapt new polices such as making a website that is public friendly where all information is easily

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