Essay On Suffragette Coursework Write Up

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Suffragette coursework write-up
In this essay I will be talking about three different representations and their accuracy, balance and completeness. They are as followed.
Representation one is an A level textbook that has the suffrage movement written from 1832-1931. The book was written by Bob Whitfield. The text is relevantly accurate. Some of the points that the author makes are incorrect. For example the source suggests that “The National League for Opposing Woman Suffrage was founded in 1911.” When researching I found that this was incorrect, in fact the National League for Opposing Woman Suffrage was founded in 1910 not in 1911. (1) However some of the factual points were correct for example in the second paragraph in the first line the representation suggests that “In 1914, the vote for women in parliamentary elections had still not been won.” The source is correct and I cannot argue this point any further (2). In 1914 even after a lot of suffragette violence parliamentary votes for women had still not been won. The source also suggests that “Militancy attracted publicity”, the source is correct, the word militant (short for militancy) means aggressive and the suffragettes started to get aggressive and violent when nobody would listen. They shattered windows, set arsons to palaces and destroyed golf courses etc (3). This obviously attracted publicity, which meant they had more support and sympathy (4). Although this representation one isn’t one hundred percent…

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