Essay On Racial Diversity

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Racial Diversity in Television
The lack of diversity in modern day television is almost criminal. With television stations pretending to have racial diversity they run into the wall of using racial stereotypes for comedy to entertain the masses. The lack thereof racial diversity in modern television has led to many awful things such as; stations claiming to be racially diverse but just end up making fun of cultures with outdated stereotypes, also many holly wood block busters have little to none of the leads cast as anyone other than white male and female leads, I am also saddened to include award shows to the list of things contributing to the horrendous separation of whites and blacks in movies and television. So due to the facts about modern day media that we consume on a daily basis we are supporting the lack of racial diversity of today.
Highly rated shows such as “Blackish” and “Fresh of the Boat” are the things I’m am speaking of. They almost have complete regression of the stereotypes that people have worked show hard to get of their backs. In many cases
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With the complete ignorance in television on racial stereotyping. To the awful casting of modern day movies. We must know that we the people consuming are partly to blame for the lack of racial diversity in today’s television. We are the people who pay for this to happen we outdoor money into these shows and movies and we vote on these award shows. So yes television is lacking in racial diversity due to television shows, movie casting, and the awards we hand out. Though like unsaid we are to blame for this and if we want if fixed we have to stop supporting things that are lacking in the diversity department. So how dose if feel to watch that funny show on that big t.v. network now even if it’s just people making fun or just poking fun of, just these small things can affect someone’s dreams and affect the real world and hurt

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