Essay On Night Archetypes

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The creature of the night archetypes is my favorite to write about because there are so many creepy and crawly creatures to talk about in the lord of the ring. A human being person used as a term of scorn, pity, or endearment is the definition of Creature of the night and the fellowship of the rings is a wonderful place to find any number of things that fit that description. Some of my favorites are Golem the balrog and the Uruk-hai.
So to start I picked Golem because he is a living breathing representation of the creature of the night. He lives under the mountain fearing daylight because the men who live in daylight want to steal his precious or to us the ring of power. Later in the movie, after he loses it he is tortured to get the answer of where it is and when he told his torturers the let him free. Once free he followed the fellowship but only sticking to the shadows again filling the persona of the creature of the night.

The Balrog oh how I could rant about he isn't a dragon but that is not what this essay is about so I will keep it on a topic. It would be hard to convince anyone that he isn't a creature of the night he is a demonic presence that lives only in the dark mines of Moria. “tall and menacing with the ability to shroud themselves in fire, darkness, and shadow.” Wikipedia took this quote from Wikipedia and
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Jackson's depiction of the Uruks being spawned from the mud came from Tolkien's old description of orcs being "bred from the heats and slimes of the earth.” Also from Wikipedia all of the Uruk-hai are born from the dark and damp the are creatures of the night until Saruman digs them out of the earth and releases them to rain terror on the land. Again I can not even begin to explain how much importance there is to have the villains be dark creatures of the

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