Essay On Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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To Kill a Mockingbird Epilogue Summer ended and with it, the most eventful summer that I would ever have. Many years had passed since then; I was now a married woman with a son, soon to be attending school for the first time in the fall. “Thomas Radley Harris come here right now!” shouted Dill. “You cannot run away from your responsibilities forever. You have to go to school, now come here and get dressed!” “Never” he shouted back “I’m not goin’ to that rotten school, and you can’t make me!” I chuckled; he had definitely gotten his defiant and spunky personality from me. But after a good 45 minutes of resisting and screaming, Dill and I managed to get him washed, dressed, and fed, and then Dill walked him to school. I would’ve loved to go with them, but I had agreed to meet Jem for brunch at our favorite childhood restaurant, The County Dinner, on the outskirts of the city. After Jem graduated school, he moved up north to New York City to become a lawyer, following in our father’s footsteps. I don’t think Jem ever fully recovered from the trial mentally that summer; even after his arm had healed, he didn’t want to play anymore. He spent all of his time shut up in his room studying his school books. The sparkle in his eyes had disappeared, it was almost like he had lost all emotion, and one day he just packed up all of his things and left without another word. This would be the first time I or anyone else had heard from him in many years. As it neared time for me to…

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