Mental Asylums

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From Old to New

Kayleigh Hammond

From Old to New
Mental asylums weren’t always to help individuals, they were once a place where people were abandoned and left untreated. Almost everything about psychiatric hospitals and asylums have changed in the last 100 years. Some of the most dramatic changes are how people were treated, why they were put into the hospital in the first place, and the gruesome ways they treated those illnesses. I would say most asylums have changed for the good. Mental hospitals and asylums have definitely changed throughout the years, and even though some still aren’t the best place to be, they have drastically improved since the nineteenth century.

Patients were not treated then as they are today, even
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There are skilled doctors and nurses now, and not just scientists trying to be doctors. There are many therapy sessions throughout the day. Today psychiatric hospitals are used for short term, they want you better and out of there as soon as possible. It is a lot easier with all of the new treatments and different therapies. Most patients get a personal social worker, who helps them with the best treatments, relay information to the families, and help with the …show more content…
There are thousands of illnesses today, probably more then there was in the nineteenth century. The difference between the two, are people who are in psychiatric hospitals today are in there for a good reason, to get help. Some of the most common illnesses are anxiety and depression. The Anxiety and Depression Association of American (2016) states that about 18% of adults 18 and over suffer from anxiety(par. 1), and about 7% of adults 18 and older suffer from depression (par. 14). While those are the two most common there many other illnesses, like PTSD which is also a common disorder. PTSD is stated to be most common in rape victims, or childhood abuse issues. PTSD is a serious disorder and affects millions. Another serious disorder is schizophrenia, which is a brain disorder where people interpret reality abnormally. Many people get very paranoid, hear or see things, and hallucinate. All of these disorders have a high risk of leading to a serious illnesses of suicide. Many people don’t realize but suicide is an illness too, and you can be hospitalized for it

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