Essay On Aeneas And Parentia

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Throughout this essay I will compare the main goals of Aeneas, Enclopius, and Terentia as well as which perspective of Roman Culture these characters missions suggests that they have, and what each of these characters is trying to achieve and how each of these goals shows a different image of Rome. I will also look at how Terentia’s goals and strategies challenged the stable and just view of Rome that Aeneas sets up. Next, I will also examine how Encolpius’ quest in the Satyricon challenges the image of the early Roman Empire that was orderly and functional, and where does Enclopius stand on the terms of the Penetration Model, what does this his standing on the suggest about his ability for meaningful political action? Last, what do the readings and lectures from this class suggest about the social and …show more content…
Also in this last section I will discuss the status of the Freedman that we met in the Dinner Party that Trimalchio set up and what status they would eventually hold in Roman Society and how this status challenged the pessimistic view of the early imperial Rome.

The first topic I will discuss is the comparison of the main goals of Aeneas, Enclopius, and Terentia and which perspective of Roman culture each of the missions of these characters suggest that they have, and last what each of these characters is trying to achieve through their goals and how they show different images of Rome. The main goal of Aeneas throughout the book Aeneid by Virgil, is to continue to be fully devoted to the plan that fate and destiny has laid out for him, and at all costs to help Rome reach her pinnacle. Next, Enclopius’ goal in the book Satyricon by Petronius is to only fulfill his own lustful and selfish desires, which is to regain his virility. On the other hand the primary goal of Terentia was to help her family gain power since she is one of the only

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