Essay of Dystopian Societies #2

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Dystopian Societies Human vegetables, all controlled by the eights of their technology, all unaware of the real problems around them; a dystopian society. Farhenheit 451 and The Island, two stories that share this wretched theme. But both stories each have a character that questions it all. They both go against what others say. They followed what their hearts had to say, and thought for themselves. With no literature for Guy Montag in Farhenheit 451 and the longing for freedom for Lincoln 6-Eco in The Island, both show oppressive social control and futuristic technollogy, but also show potential problems and similarities that our society could bring itself into in the future. First of all, both of these important stories withhold a …show more content…
He rarely has a deep conversation with his wife, as the technology of their time has consumed her to the point to where she has no self consious thoughts. Also, Lincoln 6-Eco is annoyed with his life habbits, as he states to the creator of the insurance company, "Tuesday night is tofu night, and I'm asking myself 'Who here decided that everyone likes tofu in the first place, and what is tofu anyway?' And why can't I have bacon? I line up every morning, and I'm not allowed any bacon for my breakfast. And - and tell me - let's talk about all the white. Why is everyone wearing white all the time? It's impossible to keep clean, I'm walking around, I get - I always get the gray stripe, I never get any other color, and I hand it in to be cleaned, and - and someone cleans it and folds it neatly back in my drawer, but who? Who is that person? I don't know. I just - I wanna know answers and I - and I wish that there was more... More than going to The Island." All of the clones that live in that facility are all watched. Their weight, actions, dress code, friendships, emotions, all is controlled by the technology of their time. Our technology of our time, though, is getting fairly close to the futuristic technology shown in Farhenheit 451 and The Island. Both of these stories show potential problems that our society can

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