Influence On Papa By Ernest Hemingway

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Ernest Hemingway was a fascinating writer that became the inspiration of many others to follow and a proud example of American literature. ”Papa”, as he nicknamed himself, was an adventurer and as such tried to get by life with enthusiasm and live at its potential. He is part of the “Lost Generation” that included famous writers like Gertrude Stein, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and T. S. Eliot. Their literature had similar themes like: lack of control, alcoholism, and gender. His works have a perfect balance of length, detail, and plot. Hemingway’s style is highly influenced by the time he spent being a journalist. Ernest managed to describe with just a few words what other writers couldn’t with many lines. According to him a great writer had to rely …show more content…
The novel is full of realism, the skills needed by the old man, how he does stuff around the boat, and how the fish behaves. With all this flow of facts that come to the reader as he or she is enjoying the book, he makes possible to “hide” the fictional part of the book. It also gives to the reader the sense of the everyday life even though the person might not be familiar to fishing. The novel started with the old man and the young boy trying to help him. The next day he leaves the shore to catch fish. Up to there it was just the routine of a person. Later on he tries to capture a quite big fish, “out of his league”, representing our desires and the struggles we face in our everyday life. He tries to capture our attention with the “practical knowledge”. All these depictions of how to fish give us the idea of the world and show the reader how it was to be there. Hemingway was able to show us such technical procedures only because he had the experience. He had fished many times and had a situation like the one in the

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