Ernest Hemingway 's A Of Arms Essay

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Within Ernest Hemingway’s semi-autobiographical fiction A Farewell to Arms, Hemingway’s ironic devices and tone maintain a particular consistency throughout the novel. Hemingway’s writing style is very straightforward, constantly leaning away from being ambiguous, though there is still a sense of situational irony, coupled with a straightforward tone constantly found within the story’s plotline. Painstakingly simple and general, Hemingway does little to embellish and cover-up the brutalities of war, but instead prefers to offer his own perspective of it through his characters in its raw, and sometimes graphic, form. There is little to note on the story’s ironic devices besides the fact that Hemingway focuses mainly on using situational irony and occasional paradoxes to make his point about the brutalities of war. The characters of A Farewell to Arms, though mere ghosts weaving in and out of importance and character within the story, feature most of the irony comprised within the story through the situations they find themselves in. Through Catherine Barkley, the English nurse who Frederic Henry falls for, irony is found through her and Frederic’s constantly wobbling relationship. From the transparent nature of their love in the beginning of the story with Catherine seeing through the “rotten game” the two play upon one another to the tender, reciprocated feelings the two share within their hotel room in Milan and so forth, Frederic and Catherine’s love has always been a…

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