Equal National Labyrinth In Toni Morrison's Fiction

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Politics OF Fear, Equality and Quest of Equal National Labyrinth in Toni Morrison’s Fiction:

Thesis statement:
Toni Morrison’s fiction probe the quest of ideals of equality misshaped by the dominant "Whiteness" and aspires for ideals like social equality and independent home once distorted by their white masters in U.S. culture that ultimately negated the blacks as beings having life and soul dwelling their identity based upon fear of extinction and slavery.

Toni Morrison in her fictional writings calls for an examination of presentation of blacks in canonical U.S. literature. She asks in her stories the structured implications and dominance of "literary whiteness". She also interrogates how this literary whiteness
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Morrison’s black women are dually significant for being sacrificial. At one level, they have to support their black men in achieving a liberal status in a multiracial society headed by the arrogant whites while on secondary level, they are embodiment of the abandonment by their males and hence bear double burden. Black women contrary to their men are protector of their whole race as they bore the children and later raised them when their men in fear of life ran back to Africa. Morrison seems replacing men with women in heroic deeds of valour and sacrifice. The novels selected for the study are examples of minority communities and how they function within the larger backdrop of the postmodern theories of race and identity. The aim for selecting this topic is to develop an understanding of the issue of racial discrimination as presented in postmodern American novels. It is hoped that this study will pave the way for future Pakistani researchers and academicians to understand and appreciate the contribution made by Morrison to literature, in general, and postmodern African-American literature in

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