Environmental Policy And Decision Making Essay

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Many aspect of environmental policy have been shaped by powerful entities in our society. Whether it is a powerful government, a corporation, or individuals, they all have more leverage in the decision-making process than the general population. When it comes to agricultural interests, large corporate farms are held in higher regard than small-scale farming operations. In the environmental justice movement, there is a major discrepancy between the power held by big businesses, the government, and small communities. The exercise of power within the agricultural industry and throughout the environmental justice movement has a major influence on policy and decision-making in the United States. Agriculture has been a vital part of human survival for over ten thousand years. Before the modernization of agriculture in the 1950s, small farms focused on subsistence and self-sufficiency. However, economic power became an integral part of agriculture as agro-industrialization replaced the family farm. Today, there is more focus on yield and efficiency, and traditional agricultural processes are uncommon. There is greater corporate involvement, and the emphasis is now on economies of scale. The goal is to increase scale of production and efficiency, resulting in a lower price for both the producer and the consumer. These economies of scale utilize monocropping (growing of a single crop), plantation farming, and new technologies. The political power of Big Ag has greatly increased…

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