Enron Good Or Bad Essay

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Enron was one of the biggest corporation in America. The rise, the downfall and the journey of Enron itself can be a big lesson for all the other corporate companies. Big successes usually come from some evil or do bring some evil with it. ‘The Smartest guys in the room’ the title itself clarifies the new and unique strategies brought forward by Enron. People in Enron felt so superior and drunk in the success that they stopped being human and lost humanity. All they could see was money and the numbers on the black box. The worst Enron ever did was to California and their people. It’s astonishing how the politics of California was affected by Enron. It wasn’t for sure the work of one but a group of arrogant evil people. I believe Skilling to …show more content…
Ken lay knew all the wrongdoings of the company for sure but he was not the one to bring the evil ideas. Although he didn’t disagree with the ideas but he is at less fault because he didn’t come up with those concepts. Andrew fastow created illusion on the economic reports of the company. The mastermind Jeff skilling who introduced mark to marketing in Enron was the one who was behind all the misdeeds. Besides, from the energy trading to power cut off in California, he was the one to bring greed and evilness at Enron. His belief that money motivated people and cruel ranking system brought the evil and greed among the people of Enron. The employees at Enron became what Skilling wanted them to be, the selfish monsters who saw money above humanity. The worst part was he wasn’t even loyal to the company. He left the company when he knew it was on the path of collapsing. If he was a good leader or even a leader, he wouldn’t have left his troops when he saw missile being fired towards them. All other people did bad but at least they stood by the company through the worst. Skilling got the harshest legal punishment and it’s fair enough as he was the one who was most responsible for the fraud carried out by the

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