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After her grandmother "Gemma" passes away; she sets out a journey to find more about her past.

Gemma- "Gemma" is Becca, Shana, and Sylvia's grandmother who hides her mysterious past from her family. She tells her granddaughters the fairy tale story of Briar Rose when they were young, but was it a fairy tale or real life she was talking about to the girls?

Shana- Shanna Berlin is one of Becca's older sisters. She moved to Houston with her husband Howie, and had two girls named Sarah and Susan.

Sylvia- Sylvia Berlin is Becca's other older sister, who is much like Shana Berlin. She moved to L.A. with her husband Mike and they had their son Benjamin.

Mother- Mrs Berlin is the wife of Mr Berlin, and is the daughter of "Gemma". She is also mother of Becca, Shana, and Sylvia
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