English 1302- Story of an Hour, Yellow Paper, Jury of Peers

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"The Story of an Hour" (pages 353-354)
1. This technology of the telegram(newspaper) is an invention when the story was written. It takes place in the story mentioning the list of people who where killed in the railroad disaster. Louise’s husband’s friend, Richards, saw Louise’s husband, Brently on the list of those killed. Without this technology, I do not think the story could be possible. Richards learned about the train accident thought the telegram as well as Josephine. Louise would not die if she would never knew about the train accident. Specially because her husband was never in the train. Today’s Technology is very advanced thought newspaper, television news, and radio news. I do not think this story can still be possible
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Men and women take sides separately. The murder was provoked a sign of the story’s realistic portrayal of marriage. Accordingly, the story that is relevant to the men, and therefore relevant to the law, ignores or rejects many of the complex elements of the real-life narrative, elements which the women recognize as an explanation for the crime. Males who make it impossible for them to recognize or understand the experiences of the accused woman.

2.Details in the story that tell us about women’s work back in their centuries in the United States. The women with their abilities perceived to be limited to those necessary for their domestic duties of cooking and housekeeping. Throughout the story, the men and the women display different interests, concerns, and priorities.

For All Three Stories
1. The stories ending are very similar considering that their stories are about women’s in the late 1800’s going through the struggles of life a women.
Gilman wrote about the proper way to treat insane people, Chopin and Glaspell wrote about the struggles women face and lack of their freedom. The main characters on the stories had little freedom and felt no way to escape. Main characters were also controlled by men, who were superior to the women. In Gilman's story, the narrator's husband would not let her live a normal life. As shown in the reasoning of why Gilman wrote this, the narrators husband represents the doctor she went to visit. In Chopin's story, the main

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