Endochondral Ossification Research Paper

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Ms. Hernandez, your son needs to pass for a process called endochondral ossification. It is means that the broken bone of your child needs restoring. This process starts with the formation of a hyaline cartilage around the bone. All this process is coordinated by chemical signs. In step one the hyaline cartilage beings to enlarge, chondrocytes increase in size surrounding matrix begins to calcify. After that, chondrocytes become deprived of nutrients and begin to die. In step two the perichondrium surrounding the cartilage differentiate into osteoblast. Perichondrium converts to periosteum, and the osteogenic layer produces a collar around the shaft of the cartilage. In step three capillaries and osteoblasts begin to migrate into the heart

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    Endochondral Ossification All osteogenic tissue from the neck down is made by endochondral ossification, with the exception of the clavicles. The model that bone will eventually replace is composed of hyaline cartilage, the most common cartilage, this process tends to be more difficult than intramembranous ossification since all hyaline cartilage most be decomposed as bone tissue is created. Everything begins at the primary ossification center, which is located in the center of diaphysis of the…

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