Essay about Ending The Three Strikes Law

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Ending the Three-Strikes Law The three-strikes law is a form of legislation that has helped corrupt the prison system by contributing to mass incarceration and provided those who have committed two prior serious criminal offenses with more serious long-term prison sentences. In every state, there is a different version of this law. The end of the three-strikes law should be supported and put into action in order to reduce the overflow of people incarcerated. Through the movement of ending this law, families will be able to be less affected by the outcomes that are associated with incarcerated family members. This will decrease the tendency of children becoming more vulnerable to committing crimes, as they will have father and mother figures that are not absent from their daily lives. The goals of this movement are to decrease the nation’s spending on the prison system and to decrease the use of land for the building of prisons as they take away potential areas that could be put to better use. One resource that helps people get involved in decreasing mass incarceration and overturn current legislation that has helped create a larger national issue includes Friend Committee on National Legislation. The reason why mass incarceration has become a major issue is because of legislation like the three-strikes law. In order to fix this current problem, the US needs to focus on the smaller picture and this includes ending the three-strikes law. For this movement, the social…

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