Emile Durkheim 's Normal And Pathological Society Essay

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Emile Durkheim’s Normal and Pathological Society
“If there is a fact whose pathological nature appears indisputable, it is crime” (Wright 2007; Pg. 28). Crime is very tricky to describe especially since there are hundreds of different ones. A crime can be as little as stealing a small piece of gum from a convenience store to committing cold blooded murder. Living in the world today, there have been hundreds of different crimes that are committed on a daily basis. The crime rates are constantly rising, and for this societies are suffering with so much pain and agony. Instead of societies working together and creating a positive environment for everyone, societies manage to corrupt the good within them.
Emile Durkheim describes the way a certain crime can turn a society from normal too pathological. I feel like this is extremely important because society is the source that says what is wrong and what is right. Looking at the society it sets its own rules, and it says who belongs and who doesn’t. Knowing what is “right” and what is “wrong” allows the person to be a part of the society. No one wants to be left out or shamed for being different, so if a society says it is right to do a particular thing then more out of times people listen and do so. Durkheim was very clever in expressing how a society can be extremely toxic just by the way it thinks. A society can easily turn a normal society into a corrupted one. I think it’s important to think about how just one simple act can…

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