Eleanor Roosevelt : The Oldest Sibling Of Three Essay

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Eleanor Roosevelt was a driven woman who started timid and shy but after years with her family and education, she became involved to the point of being an icon. Eleanor was a shy child who loved her family regardless their hard times. Elliott Roosevelt (Parks and Ware 9) and Anna Rebecca Hall (“First Lady Biography”1) gave birth to Anna Eleanor Roosevelt (“Roosevelt, Eleanor” 386) on October 11, 1884 (Parks and Ware 9), making her the oldest sibling of three (“First Lady Biography” 1). Eleanor was born to a family filled with alcoholism and self-destruction (Cook 4). Her father lived a life of alcoholism (Parks and Ware 9), leaving Eleanor unprotected all the time (Cook 15). Yet, despite his drinking, Eleanor adored her father (Parks and Ware 9) just as he adored her, describing her as a “miracle from Heaven” (Parks and Ware 9), and with Elliott gone on business most of the time, he tried to make his time with Eleanor member able (Parks and Ware 9). Eleanor was five feet, eleven inches (“First Lady Biography” 3) which was one of the reasons she was very self-conscious as a child (Parks and Ware 18), often the reason for her headaches and depression ( Hareven 2). It also did not help that her mother was disappointed that Eleanor was not beautiful and graceful (“Eleanor, Roosevelt’s Life” 1). Eleanor tries to win her mother’s affection, but the more she tried. The more she was rejected (hareven 2). Therefore, Elesn or did not react much (Parks and Ware 13) when her mother…

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