Essay about Egyptian Women During The Egyptian Revolution

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Egypt is one of the countries that its law is an enemy of women 's rights. Its laws come from the interpretation of some scholars to the Koran and how they understand it. Women 's rights in Egypt have long been severely restricted due to Sharia (Islamic law) and cultural traditions. The laws are base on discriminatory. So, it was the time for the women to get back their freedom and not be treated like a bird placed in a cage. Women plays a vital role in our life so they should be provided with equal level as men; they asked for their rights and freedom of speech and to be treated equal to men as they are no less. So they united and formed a revolution in 2011.

Egyptian women played an important role in Cairo, Egypt during 2011 in the Egyptian revolution. One of those women, who was political activist and writer was Nawal El Saadawi, woman in the 80s was an inspiration for making this revolution. She was in the Tahrir square during the eruption of the revolution in 2011. She felt the power of millions of people; she felt that Tahrir square as her real home. People who were not silent paid a very high price and the nation succeeded in falling of the head of the regime, Mubarak, after he was in power for more than 30 years. She believed that she was born to be a defender for women 's rights, besides being rural doctor. El saadawi 's career as a doctor made her to go out and work in the poor rural areas. She understood that the only cure to the peasants was curing poverty,…

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