Egyptian And Mesopotamian Civilizations : Civilizations Essay

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Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilization were two civilizations in South West Asia and North West Africa, beginning in 3,500 - 3,000 B.C.E. Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations both had similar religious beliefs, however their environment and culture, interaction and exchange, and city-states were different. Egyptians operated under a centralized government while, the Mesopotamians had self-controlled city-state governments. (Strayer, 82-83) The environment of each civilization was different, which may have been the reason for they developed well defined political and religious beliefs.
The civilizations of both Mesopotamia’s and Egyptians grew up in river valleys and they depended on their rivers to provide a productive agriculture. (Strayer 2011, 80)But their rivers, however, were different. Egyptian life was the Nile,” that green gash of teeming life”, which rose predictably every year to bring the soil and water that provided an independent Egyptian agriculture. (Strayer, 80) Nile River, was the world’s longest rivers. This river brought water to their deserts. The Tigris and Euphrates rivers gave life to Mesopotamian civilization. (Strayer 2011, 80)The Nile River was much easier to control than the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers of Mesopotamian. The Mesopotamian believed that their deities were cruel, punishing them with droughts and floods. Egyptians did not fear their gods or the afterlife. Therefore, their different political and religious beliefs may have been…

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