Effects Of Social Relationships On Human Development Essay

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The effect of social relationships on human development and behaviour has gained prominence of late, with many psychologists trying to unearth the relationship. Because the behaviour of individuals is contingent on the individual relationships with others, interpersonal relationships have formed the background and theme of human life. Psychologists are in the effort of developing a science and pattern of relationship based on the belief that human relationships are the main factor in shaping the behaviour of individuals and their pertinent development over their whole lifespan (Reis et al., 2000). Research shows that different individuals respond differently to different stimuli and that the meaning of stimuli does change dramatically with changes in context. The experiences through which people go through in relationships become a background for mental, physical, and spiritual properties, and relationships that greatly affect their development. It has long been understood that interpersonal relationships have a huge influence on human behaviour and development (Berscheid & Regan, 2016).
In the past, there have been many ambiguities as to the concept of relationships, which had led many to believe that relationship science is truly a “Conceptual Jungle that chokes the unwary” (Reis et al., 2000). Many assumed that given the fact that the word relationship is a fragment of common language, then this was a concept that needed more clarification. As interest in the area…

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