Effects Of Social Darwinism On Science And Society Essay

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Ripple Effects of Darwinism
Time periods in history have directly or indirectly effect science and society. Because of the Enlightenment period science and their scientist to be able to research those topics that did not go along with the church and their beliefs. (Bowles & Kaplan, 2013, p. 136) One topic that was addressed was evolution. Evolution has had a huge influence on today in all field including Christianity. The debate on whether man was created or whether we evolved from animal is still a debate that occurs even today. However during the time of Charles Darwin it was a shock and was “welcomed by atheists and feared by theists”. (Bergman, 2001) Social Darwinism also took flight which believed that humans struggled for existence and effected society. (Bannister, 2000)
Charles Darwin was born in England on February 12 1809. Darwin did not enjoy school as a child and was not able to find a topic that would drive his ambitions. It was not until he attended the University of Edinburgh that he discovered his love of natural history and the world. At this time he also met Robert Grant who introduced him to evolution and its studies. Darwin did not show as much interest in the field at the time however. He continued his research on natural science and was able to get attention from Captain FitzRoy who invited him to join him on the HMS Beagle. It was on this voyage and his time at the Galapagos Islands that he started to question the species and the similarities and…

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