Essay on Effective Human Service Professionals

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Effective Human Service Professionals and Wellness Strategies
Natasha Johnson
Dr. Smith
October 27, 2013

Effective Human Service Professionals and Wellness Strategies Human services relate to a variety of delivery systems such as education, mental health services, social welfare, and other forms of healthcare. Human service professional may help client’s access services or may provide services directly to clients. Human service professionals also manage agencies that provide these services. They are involved in advocacy and policy development because of their engagement with human conditions. The academic discipline of human services educate these professionals at the associate, bachelor’s, and
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171). This means attending to the needs of clients and delivering high-quality services. Human service professionals act in the best interest of their clients and do so to the very best of their ability. Responsibility/Commitment is important because human service professionals have to follow a set of ethical standards or code of ethics to display to the client what to expect from the professional. Honesty is the biggest expectation of the client because they expect the professional to be honest in practicing only what they are trained to do or when answering questions. In the three characteristics described, I excel in flexibility and responsibility/commitment because I am an honest person, I always try to improve the well-being of others, and I always focus on the client and the client’s problems. I need improvement and further development in the characteristic of empathy. I am very accepting of others, however, it is kind of challenging for me to place myself in their shoes and experience a feeling or see a situation from their perspective. I also display the characteristics of self-awareness, the ability to communicate, confidentiality, self-determination, acceptance, tolerance, and respect for individuality. Everyone has room for improvement but it is up to the individuals to want to improve and utilize the proper resources. Two wellness strategies that might help

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