Ee 372 Final Exam 100% Correct Answers Essays

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EE 372 Final Exam 100% Correct Answers
Follow Link Below To Get Tutorial Description: 1. In process control the desired value of a system is referred to as the__________?

2. In process control, the term the “process”, whatever it may be, may also be referred to as the ______________.

3. The device that exerts a direct influence on the process is called the _____________. 4. Control system objectives should include:

5. The response criterion that specifies that the amplitude of each peak of each cyclic response be a quarter of the preceding peak is called_________. 6. The mathematical relationship between the input of a block and
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19. A process that can be controlled by reading on or off conditions and responding with other on or off conditions is called a _____________ state system. 20. Alarm conditions can best be described by_________________________.

21. Programmable logic controllers can replace electromagnetic relays in control systems. 22. The below schematic symbol is a _________________.
23. Could the below circuit be used to control a motor starter?
24. The process the PLC uses to read the inputs, solve the ladder logic, and drive the outputs is the PLC_____________ for that specific application.

25. In order for the PLC to interact with the process inputs and outputs the I?O must be compatible with the input signal and output signal __________. 26. Sensor resistance varies from 25 to 1.5 kΩ as a variable changes from cmin to cmax. Design a signal-conditioning system that provides an output varying from –2 to +2 V as the variable changes from min to max. Power dissipation in the sensor must be kept below 2.5 mW.

The circuit could be implemented as under:

27. A 10-bit unipolar ADC with a reference of 5.00 F and a 44-μs conversion time will be used to collect data on time constant measurement. Thus, the input will be of the form V (t) = 4(1− et/τ ) . What is the minimum value of τ for which reliable data samples can be taken if no

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