Essay on Educational Psychology : Mean Girls

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Educational Psychology in Mean Girls Mean Girls may very well be a movie that defines a generation. Although it was released ten years ago, the film is still constantly quoted throughout much of pop culture. Taking a closer look at this queen bee vs. worker bee movie, it exposes some signs of deeper issues in the world of educational psychology. The film focuses mostly on the social hierarchy of high school, but it also looks at different educational issues that researchers have been looking into. It is a very enlightening movie to study due to the different aspects and views into the world of high school that seems to be becoming more and more prevalent. Four of the biggest issues that run the course of the movie are how homeschooling effects academics, how moving to a new school can effect social skills, moving from one culture to another, and how social skills can affect classroom performance. One of the underlying themes throughout the movie is homeschooling. Cady, the main character, was homeschooled in another country. This changed in the beginning of the movie which starts around her Junior year of high school. Cady seems to be an intelligent student, especially in math. This is evidenced by the fact that she is placed in a Senior math class, above the rest of her classmates. There have been studies that show that homeschooled students break the preconceived notion that homeschooled children are socially and academically behind their peers. According to Ed Collom,…

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