Socrates Use Of Virtue In Plato's The Republic

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A philosopher Plato lived in the time of kings and the institution of the first Republic. But even the most powerful civilizations fall due to problems that suffocate the people’s voices and the society’s strength. Plato tried to discreetly propose solutions to nation’s problems by writing a text called, “The Republic of Plato”. The text details a city that would maximise function and create balance. While writing, he spoke through a fellow philosopher, known as Socrates, to avoid conflict with people in power who would be offended by his comments. The city Socrates designed will be able to withstand any pressures because the people will be committed to a system that is just and wise.
The people of the Republic will have the wisdom to adapt with each generation, create peace, and protect Rome through a structured education. Socrates presents education in a functioning society as providing practical knowledge but also teaching Romans to be better people through the use of virtue. He suggests that a human’s education should create a foundation for their thinking but ultimately allow the students to develop individually from there. This ensures that each generation will improve from the last because instead of being told one thing is the only correct way, the people will be
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This is a society that due to its ability to modernize and improve, will be able to adapt for an improved future. The people of the Republic have traits that place the good of Rome before themselves. They believe that the Senators will work for the good of the Republic because of education that intertwines knowledge and virtue preparing them for such a duty. Socrates’ designed a city that will be prosperous by finding moderation between duty and happiness, and will overall maximise function for a successful

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