Essay on Education For The Majority Of Indigenous Students

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Education for the majority of Indigenous students is a daily struggle. The author has discovered that literacy in particular is difficult for Indigenous students to comprehend. Harrison and Sellwood (2016) points out, average literacy scores for Indigenous students are much lower than that of Australian students as a whole. The author believes educators are faced with the challenge to adjust their strategies to help increase the literacy levels of Indigenous students. Ordinary teaching practices appear to fail for many Indigenous students. One reason cited by Harrison and Sellwood (2016) is that the attendance numbers of Indigenous students are low. School attendance for a number of Indigenous students is irregular. Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (2014) stated the attendance over the last two years was about 65%, on the low end of the scale. Low attendance number is one contributing factor to lower than average literacy scores though Harrison and Sellwood (2016) asks where the education system is going wrong for those that do regularly attend school. The other contributing factor that has come to light for the author is that while at school Indigenous students are learning a second language. Harrison and Sellwood (2016) bring to light that the most frequently cited factor is that Indigenous students either speak a different language or dialect of English at home. Teachers of Indigenous students need to understand that they are teaching literacy to a…

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