Education and Social Class Essay

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Mauricio Valle
English 101, Evans
Correlation between Social Class & Education Today, criticism exists between the correlation between social class division and linguistics which suggest to a reflection of United States’ educational system. Presently in the U.S. the controversy lies between society, where a fine line that divides and correlates education and social class. Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis, a group of scholar researchers, concluded in their article Bowles and Gintis on Schooling in the United States that being born into a specific social class could potentially determine the future of a person’s academic potential, life goal achievements, and more specifically their respective social class. In my opinion, however,
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Bernstein also explained that elaborated and restricted codes derive from middle and lower class individuals respectively; however he explains these codes do not adhere to a lack of intelligence of education thus not reflecting academic potential. Given this information, the trends of my Facebook friends are as follows: Those who are not college educated and are categorized as low income family, income is less than 20,000 per year, tend use restricted codes, use less concise sentences, and descriptive details; while those who’ve graduated college or are in middles class families are more likely to use more elaborated ideas or sentences. These trend lines, of course, have many exceptions. These exceptions include people who that are in the working class and attending college who often use elaborated codes. Even though Bowles and Gingtis might suggest that just because they’re low class they’re more likely to reflect a less educated status and ought to have a greater chance of obtaining an inferior job, nonetheless, these exceptions suggest that class does not entitle future economic standings.
Critics have also suggested that low education prospers less concise use of the English language, such as AAE, Ebonics and slang. Although the fact of being a low class does not mean an educated individual, at times it’s just a language fusion of diverse cultures. Geneva Smitherman suggests in her extensive language studies that linguistics such as AAE is an

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