Edgar Allan Poe 's Writing About Horror And Detective Books Essay

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The author’s story begins on January 19th, 1809 in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, Poe died on October 7th, 1849 in Baltimore, Maryland. Since Poe was a critic he was greatly influenced by other writers such as Lord Byron being Poe 's main influence but also many other writes that inspired Poe to write about horror and detective books. When Poe was born his father left him, and at the age three his mother died.”His father left the family early on, and his mother passed away when he was only three” ("Edgar Allan Poe." Bio.com. A&E Networks Television. Web. 07 Apr. 2016).Poe then went on to a foster care in Richmond, Virginia.Where he was adopted by a couple that were tobacco merchants, by the name of John Allan and his wife Frances Valentine Allan. It was difficult for Poe to become a writer because his step father, John Allan wanted Poe to become a businessman. When Poe was ready to publish his first book in which the headmaster advised that it should not be published.”Mr. Allan would rear Poe to be a businessman and a Virginia gentleman, but Poe had dreams of being a writer in emulation of his childhood hero the British poet Lord Byron. Early poetic verses found written in a young Poe’s handwriting on the backs of Allan’s ledger sheets reveal how little interest Poe had in the tobacco business” ("Poe 's Life." Poe 's Life. Web. 08 Apr. 2016). Poe went to College at Virginia University in 1826, the only issue was that Poe and his step father, Allan couldn’t pay the…

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