Edgar Allan Poe 's The Tell Tale Heart Essay

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Literary critics argue that the life Edgar Allan Poe lived did not influence his writing, but significant evidence refutes their argument. Poe’s life was dark, cruel, and filled with deception. Without the tragic events, there may not be the incredible literature today. The dark life influenced an entire body of extraordinary literature. Poe—a renowned author who infused stories with dark mystery—was the best horror author of the romantic period because of his ability to depict a scene with his word choice, his focus on sorrow while insinuating death, and by implementing tragic endings into his stories.
Poe’s genius depiction of scenes came from his skilled way with words, and that led to him becoming the greatest horror author of the romantic period. Nobody converted mystery into a piece of writing better than Poe. Maria Magher, is a writer who has studied Poe and his incredible stories for most of her life. One of her articles, How Does Edgar Allan Poe Keep the Reader in Suspense in “The Tell-Tale-Heart”? focuses specifically on the novel “The Tell-Tale-Heart” and how much of a focal point Poe puts on word choice. Magher went on to voice, Descriptions are key to building suspense in a story. Examples of this would be; the narrator describing himself as “very, very dreadfully nervous” rather than just saying “mad” while hinting at instability of himself, and descriptions used like “vulture” or “the evil eye” to describe the character’s eyes (Magher 191). With those…

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