Edgar Allan Poe 's Life Essay

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Edgar Allan Poe was born January 19, 1809, in Boston, Massachusetts. Poe died October 7, 1849, in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1826 Poe attended the University of Virginia and in 1827, he joined the US Army. During the year of 1830-1831, he enrolled as a cadet in the United States Academy where he was later court-martialed for disobeying authority (Thomas and Jackson). In 1835, Poe entered one of his stories in a contest sponsored by the Baltimore Saturday Visiter that "won" him a prize ("Poe 's Life"). In 1836, at the age of twenty-six, Poe married his thirteen-year-old cousin Virginia Clemm ("Poe 's Life"). Poe moved to New York City in 1837 where he wrote his first novel, The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym ( 'Chronology of the Life"). After his brief stay in New York, Poe ended up in Philadelphia where he wrote magazines and became editorial manager of Burton 's and afterward Graham 's Magazine ("Poe 's Life"). In 1842, Poe 's wife Virginia became ill and was diagnosed with tuberculosis which is the same disease that killed Poe 's mother, brother, and fosters mother ("Poe 's Life"). Poe decided to move back to New York City in 1844 and 1845 he wrote the poem, "The Raven" which gave him fantastic reviews. While in New York, Poe also published two books which allowed him to purchase Broadway Journal from its proprietors ("Poe 's Life"). During 1846, Poe 's declining magazine and rumors of his involvement with a married lady forced him out of New York ("Poe 's Life"). Virginia…

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