Edgar Allan Poe 's Gothic Literature Essay

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Frightening occurrences, dark matters, and the macabre have intrigued human beings since the beginning of time. Gothic literature has been used throughout history to explain the unexplainable (Snodgrass “Gothic Literature” Par. 1). These bloodcurdling, unnerving stories have continued to capture the interests of both readers and writers across the world. Stories of this genre contain atrocious crimes, terrifying monsters, dark settings, and satiric themes that writers of the time use to reflect their moods, cultures, and opinions on subjects that interest them. However, no other writer has come to exemplify Gothic literature better than Edgar Allan Poe. Regarded as the forefather of American Gothic, Poe is both revered and reviled across the world for his dark works of fiction. The works of Edgar Allan Poe are great examples of Gothic literature because of their eerie settings and mood, the appearance of supernatural creatures and spectacles, and their use of insanity and odd motivations.
One of the greatest ways that Poe demonstrates Gothic literature is through mood and setting. According to Snodgrass, the settings of Gothic literature are often dark, sinister, secretive, mysterious, and claustrophobic. Some physical settings would include buildings going to ruin, monstrous castles, and even insane asylums (“Gothic Setting” Par. 1, 3-4, 6). Poe often demonstrates a sense of claustrophobia and impending doom by using tombs and crypts. This can be seen in Poe’s “The Cask of…

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