Edgar Allan Poe 's A Man Of Mystery And Intrigue Essay

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Edgar Allan Poe, a man of mystery and intrigue, was born into a family that had a unique background in theater arts, agriculture, and crafts. His father’s ancestors of military leaders and they are known for their notoriety. Poe was born in the south of the Boston Commons on January 19, 1809. Poe’s parents were David and Elizabeth Poe after a tumultuous relationship Elizabeth separated from her husband. Poe’s parents had difficult times likely due to his father drinking, and this caused the end to their theatrical career. The Poe has had three children, Henry, Edgar, and Rosalie and the three were separated when their mother passed away in 1811. Edgar fell in love with his first cousin Virginia and they married when she was 13 years of age. Virginia passed away at a young age from Tuberculosis, and this was when Edgar’s life started to spiral out of control. Poe disillusioned with his life and a city of nothing but grief, he moves to Boston. Poe became fascinated with a career as a writer, and the love of his life became his muse. Poe faced several heartbreaking moments growing up; furthermore, this is likely the reason for the dark tone in his works as an author.
In an article written by Arthur Hobson Quinn, he states that Edgar Allan Poe’s mother displayed qualities that were much different from his father; furthermore, described as a woman of beauty. Quinn writes comments made by Anne Holbrook about Poe’s mother by stating, “An actress can never make her children…

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