Economic Sanctions And Its Effect On People 's Belief Essay

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According to the dictionary, Power is simply defined as "the ability or control what people do or think" (Macmillian dictionary, 2016). However, power in researching and reality has a variety of types and explanations. For example, power is divided into three: hard power, soft power, and smart power. Nevertheless, these terms are still difficult to classify in some cases. Although hard power is normally described as ‘coercion ' or ‘threaten ' to force other people do as what the holders wishes (military tools or economic sanctions) in International Relations, soft power is defined as ‘persuation ' and ‘attraction ' to influence people 's belief (diplomatic means), the definition of these two kinds of power is blurred in some situations, such as the economic sanction. As Nye (2011), economic sanction has two types: positive sanction and negative sanction. Negative sanction is illustrated by an embargo that weakens the economy of some countries in order to force them to change policies, in contrast, the positive sanction is providing support or aid to some countries for attracting them (Nye, 2011). According to Nye (2011), negative sanction has a dimension of hard power when mostly using as a coercion, but positive sanction is likely a type of soft power in which ‘attraction ' is practiced. Because of the complication of the term ‘power ', examine and gaining information about the practice of power in reality for researching is necessary. Therefore, I have arranged an…

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