Japanese Economy Research Paper

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When we think of Japan we imagine anime, cosplay, manga, cars, cherry blossoms, technology and much more, but it’s a country with problems we might not have realized. Japan is home to many of our favorite and essential products from technology and entertainment to vehicles, however Japan’s economy isn’t as great as it seems. Japan is not only affecting itself, but also its people. Japan has lack of jobs which causes stress and anxiety to its people and causing them giving up on life which then leads to many more complications like birth rates decreasing leading to the population shrinking. Japan has been able to come up with some ideas that involve not only them but other countries where they are helping their economy. To be able to solve …show more content…
Japanese companies are making their companies learn and speak in English so that they could trade more easily with other countries. English is one of the top widely spoken languages in the world so it would make sense that the Japanese companies want a common language to speak with. Why English Matters said, “If you don 't globalize we will shrink further, using English as a common language is very key you can 't just do without it” (1:00-1:10), “In these days it 's not uncommon to use English in a Japanese headquarter. For that reason some of the Japanese company sat English as a common language inside of the company”(1:46- 1:59). Therefore, in order for them to globalize, they need to set a common language in their companies so they chose English and they can’t get rid of it because it’s an essential to be successful. It also says that nowadays it 's very common to go to one of their companies and they only speak in English and it’s because they can communicate with other people from different countries with a common language. They need to speak a common language because they need to export their goods overseas and expand their markets. Why English Matters said, “The population of Japan is slightly decreasing so for the Japanese countries to blow we have to compete in overseas market” (1:12-1:20) and “The japanese companies is trying to seek new markets all over the world”(1:28-1:32). The quotes mean that companies know that Japan’s economy is causing the population to decrease so they have proposed that they should export to more countries overseas by using the main common language and exporting to many different countries all over the

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