Essay on Economic History Of Toronto : Toronto

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Economic History of Toronto Toronto is the 4th largest city in the world. But Toronto did not become the 4th largest city over night. It has a long list of its economic history and its growth. It has almost 4000 years long history. Toronto was not called Toronto at the beginning. It had multiple names like “Tkaronto”, “Lac Toronto”. Toronto got its name in 1834. In 1793 when British colonial official founded the city Toronto which was then called “Town of York.” It is believed that people started living moving to Toronto right after the Ice ages. However, there are not any actual evidence to support that. Toronto was always attracted to everyone due to its geographical location. It is standing right next to lake and lands were really fertile. In the past there was a saying about Toronto “where there is trees in water.” As the europians slowly started to move to North America, they slowly started pushing the natives away. In early 1700 it was the French who moved to Toronto. Their main attraction was St. Lawrence River. It was easy for them to step up a port there to bring in and out goods from Europe. As the French claimed the territory from the natives, Toronto played a huge role between the natives and French. The French set up their fur trade near Humber River but their competition grew as the British slowly started to move in. As both the French and the British started trading fur, it exceeded the expectation. Both the French and the British were having trouble…

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