Eating Disorders Vs Binge Eating Disorders

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Development of an eating disorder can cause both mental and physical harm. Any forms of abnormal or interruptions in eating can be considered eating disorders. Overeating, undereating or periods of Eating disorders are commonly experienced among girls in their teenage to early 20’s. Males develop eating disorders as well although it is much less prevalent. Most eating disorders are caused and developed by the same influences. In some cases an eating disorder can follow the patient into their years of adulthood. The severity of the condition will determine the time it takes to recover. Certain abnormal eating habits can require more severe recovery plans than others. Overall all eating disorders have comparable harm. Common eating disorders …show more content…
This disorder affects any age group and gender. Obesity - the result of binge eating disorder - is a result of two of the leading causes of death in the United States. Therefore BED can lead to obesity and obesity can lead to diabetes and heart disease, two deadly diseases. Binge eating disorder is regularly caused by anxiety or stress known as “stress eating”. Symptoms of binge eating disorder include: loss of control of one’s eating, obsessive eating not followed by exercise or other attempts to remove the weight gain, high risk for cardiovascular diseases, and risk of high blood pressure. (NIMH 3) Similar to bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder involves a period of time when the patient partakes in overeating followed by a sense of guilt for their actions. However, someone suffering from bulimia would then use self-induced vomiting to rid their body of the excess weight to deal with their remorse. Someone suffering from binge BED would make no effort to remove the weight the food has caused, instead they will partake in yet another session of bingeing to satisfy their guilty feelings. (Becker 1) These sufferers experience a sense of loss of control of their eating habits and their body image during these situations. (NEDA 3) Studies show that binge eaters tend to have larger stomach capacity, creating a larger body weight. Binge eating is the most experienced eating disorder among U.S. citizens. The obesity rate is growing every year and causing more and more deaths. BED is harmful and threatening to a person’s well being and

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