Essay on Eating Disorders : Raising The Limit

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Eating Disorders: Raising the Limit Are many people these days at risk for eating disorders? Eating disorders can be hard to understand if you do not have one. They can often be difficult to cure as well. They not only affect the person but also their friends and family. Friends and family can sympathize with what that individual goes through. Eating disorders have been an increasing problem in today’s society What can cause these disorders? To some popular beliefs, eating disorders are caused by depression, or trying to express one. Factors that also contribute to the cause are the power of society’s perfect image of being thin; which is automatically supposed to make you beautiful. It can also be the popular theme of dieting; with their nutrition beliefs. They most often occur when major changes happen in that persons’ life, such as; death, divorce, jobs, college, or getting married. When such changes occur, an individual may not know how to handle the situation and feel out of control. Due to the effects of the situation, they may overtake or neglect the consumption of food. Experts’ perceptions of eating disorders are some untraditional emotional and cultural factors. Eating disorders can be complex and take time to cure. Common types of eating disorders occur such as anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. People with anorexia fear weight gains and have strange eating habits. Most anorexics are female. With physical changes, emotional changes occur as well. In most of…

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