Eating Disorders Are Not Considered More Well Known Essay

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In this generation there is a problem that is becoming more well known; anorexia. There is tons of information about anorexia in this day and age, being so it is becoming more and more renown. With that being said; what starts it? How do we treat it? What are other people 's views on it? Does media have an impact? Deciding what to do with your body is your own choice, but why not pick a healthier route? Some people are totally against anorexia and think it is completely for attention. I will be sharing sides of people who are there to help, vs. people who don 't agree with it, as well as my opinion on it. Eating disorders are not necessarily a fun topic. An article by Rachel Husk I read was very vague, she basically said that she was not for the idea of anorexia whatsoever. She had no sympathy for these women/men doing this to themselves. Summed up she said that they are making themselves malnutrition-ed to get the feeling of being mothered by others to try to welcome them back into good health. On another note, eating disorders aren 't something someone wants to have. It is a neurological disorder. This disregards what Rachel Husk stated. A quote from her that I thought was a little broad, but very opposing is;

Being female, it seeks attention, but of an unusual kind. It asks to be mothered – yet what if its aim is indeed to challenge the reality of the mother-figure and overpower it, to triumph over her, to consign her to flesh and steal her image? The anorexic is…

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