Eating Disorders : Anorexia Nervosa Essay

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Imagine this: you go home, you look in the mirror and you hate every aspect of what you see; you hear the words “fat” or “ugly” on constant replay. You fall asleep and the next day it 's the same thing. This is a normal day for more than one-third of teens in the U.S , and the consequences are alarming. Everyday, thousands of teens fall under the pressure of the media’s ideal “beauty” look (skinny, thin, tall, etc.) Teens force themselves to fit this standard and result in health problems disastrous to ones body and mental health: Eating Disorders. Common eating disorders are Anorexia Nervosa, the starving of oneself to stay thin, Binge Eating Disorder, constant overeating, and Bulimia Nervosa, frequent eating followed by self induced vomiting. In the article To be fat or thin? Social representations of the body among adolescent female students by Lucia Stenzel, she calls the issue "the thin imperative" . "In its extreme form, this phenomenon, sometimes clinically labelled as a Body Image Disturbance, can lead to disordered behaviors such as crash dieting, fasting, bingeing, purging and more dangerous eating disorders."(Stenzel)
Of course, what 's new? Teens having self esteem issues and wondering if they are pretty enough for the popular crowd. Yes, everyone has felt the doubt of their appearance, but the consequences now are more drastic. Nevertheless, countless parents today constantly say “oh its just a phase, I went through the same situation when I was younger” but…

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