Eating Disorders And The American Ideal Body Essay

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America is a society with a constantly rising number of obese or overweight citizens, but also a high rate of eating disorders. A special thanks for these eating disorders goes to the American ideal body type. Many Americans are so focused on reaching this ideal body size that they are criticizing the ones who can 't achieve this body type of being stick thin. This is more prevalent in women. But just because someone doesn 't conform to this body type doesn 't mean that they aren 't happy with who they are or how they look. Many people are still confident in their own skin despite all the efforts by society to seemingly punish those who are fat. Take Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect, for example. She is comfortable in her own skin. Amy even calls herself Fat Amy so "twig bitches" like Aubrey won 't do it behind her back(Pitch Perfect). She doesn 't let anyone tear her down or scrutinize her because of her size. Just because someone is overweight doesn 't mean that they aren 't happy with their life or that they need to go on some crazy diet plan. It simply means that they are overweight and need to be accepted by society.

The start of the problem with fat acceptance lies in one 's own hands. It 's nearly impossible for society to accept a person who doesn 't accept themselves in the first place. A person has to love themselves before they can be loved, but in many cases it is hard for people to love themselves first without the support of their friends and family. Mary Rae…

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