Eating Disorders And Its Effects On Children Essay

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Almost everyone knows someone who suffers from an eating disorder but might not realize it. A few solutions to this problem would be to provide health insurance that will help, make it easier to get help and support and use gene testing. Eating disorders are an incredibly set problem in teens and young adults and need more attention.
There are many types of eating disorders, each different in their own way. It 's caused by a person 's chemical makeup and the world around them. Anorexia typically appears in young women who aren 't happy with their appearance and bulimia is similar to anoxia but instead of starving is vomiting food already eaten. Causes a bunch of health issues down the line. “Victims of eating disorders are obsessed with food and the fear of getting fat” (Prah 1). It 's been estimated that over 35 million people in the world are affected.
It 's important to realize how severe an eating disorder can be. Disorders like this are not just affecting the person 's body but their mind. According to Pamela Prahs article on eating disorders, “Up to 35 million Americans have an eating disorder” (Prah 1). Prah describes the behavior as a person 's obsession with how they eat and what happens to their body. There are numerous types of eating disorders but the two that occur the most are anorexia and bulimia. Anorexia is when a person either doesn 't eat at all or only takes enough to live (Prah 1). Then bulimia is “compulsively eating large amounts of food and then…

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