Eating Disorders : A Psychological Disorder Essay

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Eating Disorders

An eating disorder is a psychological affliction that affects the stability of body weight and normality of eating habits in an individual. Eating disorders also affect one’s social life, psychological state, and physical health, often coexisting with other psychological disorders. For instance, substance abuse, depressive disorders, and anxiety disorders are commonly diagnosed in people with eating disorders. Contrary to the common belief that eating disorders only affect women, both men and women can suffer from them. However, it is true that more women suffer from them than men; the ratio of women with eating disorders to men with eating disorders is 5:2. Around 30 million people suffer from eating disorders in the United States, and while most are young women, there are teens, men, children, and older women and men also diagnosed with eating disorders. Eating disorders can be very dangerous and are important to treat. However, an eating disorder cannot be treated until it is diagnosed by a professional. Usually, a doctor will do a physical exam before diagnosing an eating disorder by checking blood levels, weight, and other symptoms commonly caused by eating disordered behaviors such as purging or restricting. Then, there is a psychological exam in which the patient is questioned about eating habits and how he/she feels about his/her body. It is often hard to diagnose an eating disorder because the shame often associated with it drives one to be…

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