Eating Behaviors At Anorexia Nervosa Essay

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Mayer, Schebendach, Bodell, Shingleton and Walsh (2012) completed a study to learn about eating behaviors in Anorexia Nervosa (AN) patients before and after the patients with AN were able to stabilize their weight, which meant the act of keeping their weight from fluctuating. Anorexia Nervosa was defined by Mayer et al. as “a psychiatric illness that is characterized by low weight, an intense fear of gaining weight, and the fear of fat; as core symptoms of this illness, these fears lead to significant dietary restriction and weight loss” (p. 290). Mayer et al. defined eating behaviors as any behavior in relation to eating that may be uncharacteristic: restricting (limiting what they eat), binging (indulging, or eating excessively), and purging (getting rid of or removing food by using laxatives or throwing up). Mayer et al. were able to conduct this quantitative research study by using a healthy control group as their standard. A healthy control group was determined as a group of people that closely resembled the treatment group, but did not have the factors that were under study, in order to compare with the treatment results.
Mayer et al. (2012) had eighteen AN patients and fifteen people in the healthy control group complete the study. The AN patients completed the study twice, once right after inpatient admission and again after their Body Mass Index (BMI) was more than or equal to 19.5. BMI was defined as a measurement found by taking the participants’ weight in…

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