Dystopian Essay - Dystopian Control

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Dystopian Control
What do a TV remote, a fork, and a steering wheel have in common? Control. All three are devices which people use on a daily basis to control their environment to maintain their survival, safety, and ease of living. Those in power in most dystopias would add their subjects to the list without a second thought. Leaders, or any other ‘force of evil’, in an effective dystopia will use the protagonist and their fellow subjects to ensure that they stay in power.
One of the ways that the protagonist is used by the ‘force of evil’ is through oppression. For example, in George Orwell’s 1984, Winston, the main character, is a member of the Outer Party. As such, he lives off meager rations, must follow every unspoken rule of Oceania, and above all must be cautious as to not tip off the Thought Police and be sent to the Ministry of Love for brutal torture as payment for his thoughtcrime. Though he is told that he is important, that he is privileged, Winston is actually oppressed more than the ‘proles’- the lowest social class- or inner party members. Similar conditions are present in Collins’s The Hunger Games and Dashner’s The Maze Runner. Katniss, protagonist of The Hunger Games, was starving and poor in the poorest neighborhood of the poorest district of Panem. The protagonist of The Maze Runner, Thomas, had his memory taken from him. Both Katniss and Thomas, as well as Winston, were oppressed by those in power. The movie Wall-E is different. The robot Wall-E is…

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