Dream Deferred Essay

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Analysis of a Dream Deferred by Langston Hughes

This poem by Langston Hughes is a very complicated. In it the speaker paints a picture of what might happen to someone’s dream if it is postponed too long. This idea is the overall theme of the poem and it is what unifies and connects each line to the poem as a whole. There are also indirect references that this is not only the dream of an individual, but an entire race’s struggle to achieve peace and liberation. This poem consists of a series of answers to the question, “What happens to a dream deferred?” All of the lines following this first question are presented as different similes. The first line of this poem is the most crucial because it develops and sets the direction
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Thus, if a dream is left to wither or is unused it could shrivel away to something that is no longer useful or capable of being enjoyed. Someone’s aptitude would surely grow stiff and dry up if it was not allowed to be used. This line creates the allusion that if you don’t achieve your dreams they could dry out and leave you feeling unnourished. As the poem progresses the images and comparisons made evoke more emotion from the reader. The poem suggests that if the dream does not dry up it could “fester like a sore- / And then run.” This creates an image and reminds the reader about the pain that is felt when you are injured. This line means that the dream could become irritating like a fresh sore that you wish would dry up so it can heal, but instead lingers and runs. The uncompleted dreams effects could become frustrating and the external wound would be a constant reminder of the things you have not yet attained. The line “fester like a sore-” creates a tender image and illustrates the exasperating and slow healing process the body must undergo in order to recover properly. This question alludes that when you don’t accomplish your dreams it can be like a sore that never completely heals and always appears fresh. The damaging effects of not completing your dreams becomes more explicit as the poem progresses. The speaker asks if

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