Dracula 's Influence On Popular Culture Essay

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Dracula’s Influence on Popular Culture
Dracula, by Bram Stoker has had an influence on the popular culture. It has had many movies, books, and plays made about it. There have been numerous books and movies published about it. The book itself was published on May 26, 1897. He has created a mythical person who some wish to be. Dracula has been made in many different movies. Even though there are other vampires, many of them will reference to Dracula by Bram Stoker. Some people have said that it has been one of his best books he has written! "He had received a letter from a Mr. de Ville of London,telling him to receive, if possible before sunrise so as to avoid customs, a box which would arrive at Galatz... He had been paid for his work by an English bank-note, which had been duly cashed for gold at the Danube International Bank."(415)
When Jonathan first arrived and saw Dracula in all black, he had a curious thought. Dracula is a tall man with a long white mustache and he is a heavy walker. Jonathan realizes that he is trapped he realizes the danger he is in, he then starts to wonder why garlic and crucifix give him some type of discomfort. After a while Jonathan can no longer deny that Dracula is supernatural, even though he doesn’t use the word ‘vampire’ he had suspensions. After he had figured out that Dracula was a vampire he became terrified of him. He starts to see specs of dust that started forming into female vampires but he woke up fast enough that they were gone.…

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