Essay on Dr. William Gilbert Of England

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In the 18th to 19th century, the world of electricity was seen as a bit of a mystery to scientists of these days. Although it was a mystery, scientists were still aware of this phenomena. A few facts were known here and there about the subject, but there were really no known examinations or experiments on it. Like all other sciences, electricity would not be advanced until scientists actually realized that it was something worth exploring. In A Century of Electricity, the author writes, “Electricity as a science was above all other areas of science in that it depended for its development on experimentation” (Syndor 1). But, once scientists knew of its importance, the subject started to take off. Dr. William Gilbert of England was one of the first to explore electricity with his idea of magnetism. Gilbert and some of his students, such as Robert Boyle, started experimenting and the science was broken wide open. They starting hinting at the ideas of sound and light travel and the resemblance between the electric spark and lightning. The subject was intensely studied by various scientists such as Stephen Gray, Isaac Newton, and Benjamin Franklin. New discoveries were being made, but the science was never blown out of the water until Michael Faraday came onto the scene. Michael Faraday was born in Newington Butts on September 22nd, 1791. He was the son of a blacksmith in an economic recession. His family lived in a high degree of poverty. Faraday received barely any formal…

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