Dr. O 's Of The Phantom And His Wife Essay

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Walking into the room is like stepping foot into a refurbished disaster relief zone. At first glance everything seems neat and orderly, but it’s an illusion. The first thing that will catch your eye is the giant painting of the phantom and his wife. Then there are papers strewn about his desk in what seems to be no particular order, however it is obvious from their gentle creases that there is a method behind the madness. These two objects in Dr. Karol Ospiciwicz’s, or Dr. O as he likes to be called room, perfectly encompasses everyone’s favorite existentialist psychology professor. Dr. O is just like his room, a mess gone right. Why is there a giant painting sitting smartly on the ground leaning against the side wall in an office barely large enough to house a desk and a space for chairs? Well, according to Dr. O it’s because “I like it.” That’s the exact staunch attitude that he takes to life. His dismissive attitude leaves many of his students questioning whether or not he is a nihilist. But that’s simply not true. “I’m an existentialist, I believe that there is no meaning behind why things happen, but rather it is my belief that they simply do.” So why does a man that believes there is no greater meaning behind teaching, trying to make a difference in the lives of college students? Well that answer can be found by looking at not only the deeper meaning of his words, but also of the strangely placed portrait. In order to correctly portray Dr. O, it is necessary to…

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